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Genesis Cloud offers multiple regions in which resources can be created.

Private networking between instances is limited to the same region. Because of that, it is possible that multiple instances in different regions can have the same private IP. To communicate between instances in different regions, the public IP must be used.

Region NameAPI Region Identifier

Choosing the right location

While pricing and computing performance of the instances remain the same despite the location, there are three points to consider when choosing your location:

Reduce latency If your country is closer to the Norway location you might experience less latency than using an instance located in Iceland. Depending on your use case this can (but does not have to) have a small effect on your performance.

Availability of different instance types Currently the RTX 3060 Ti is only available in Norway, while the GTX 1080 Ti is only available in Iceland. The RTX 3080 and RTX 3090 are available in both locations.

Risk mitigation In the rare case of having technical issues in one location you can still use the GPU power of the other location without any constraints.

Placement options You can control where your instances are physically located relative to each other within a zone. Choosing AUTO will automatically select a placement.

Regional Resources

Currently, the following resources support multi-region deployments:



  • Not all instance types are supported in each region.
  • Availability of instances might differ in each region.
  • Resource quotas are shared between regions.
  • Tip: Check on the instance creation flow in the console dashboard, if a given instance and region config is supported.



  • Volumes are only attachable to instances of the same region.



  • Creating an instance snapshot will always create the snapshot in the same region as the instance.
  • Creating an instance from a snapshot is limited to the region of the snapshot.
  • There is currently no way to move or copy a snapshot from one region to the other.

Security Groups


  • Security groups can only be attached to instances of the same region.



  • Images can support all or a subset of regions. Refer to the regions field of the list images response.

If you get one of the following errors:

02020 Instance config (type and/or region) is not allowed

02051 Regions mismatch (check <dynamic error source>)

It is likely that you hit one of the limitations above.